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Expert Biography

Antaike industry and market research and consulting team, the most important and productive work force of the company, is composed of more than 100 industry & market analysts and divided into several industry research departments covering more than 20 different ferrous and nonferrous metals.


Under the leadership of Mr. Wang Zhongkui, Vice General Manager of the Company, guided by Principal Analysts of Antaike including Ms. Feng Juncong, Ms. Xu Aidong, Mr. Yang Changhua, Ms Xiong Hui and Mr. Ren Weifeng, Antaike is ready to create the most important value and the most exceptional service for our customers.


Feng Juncong


Ms. Feng Juncong, Principal Analyst of Antaike, graduated from Wuhan University with a bachelor’s degree of Economic Management in 1986. She had worked in China Nonferrous Metals Techno-economic Research Institute for eight years, engaged in the nonferrous metals industry policy and corporate management research. She started her career in Antaike in 1994 and now is mainly engaged in the market analysis, forecast and project consulting of lead, zinc, indium, bismuth and germanium etc. Ms. Feng has presented research papers for many times on international conferences organized by organizations such as ILZGS and Metal Bulletin. She was invited by International Zinc Association (IZA) to give lecture at the Zinc Collage in 2001 on a comprehensive introduction of Chinese zinc industry development and market trend. As one of nonferrous metals industry experts, Ms. Feng has participated research of many thematic projects entrusted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China (MIIT) and China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association (CNIA) and was the main writer of lead, zinc, indium, germanium related parts in these research project.



Jin Xiangyun


Ms. Jin Xiangyun, Senior precious metals analyst of Antaike, Vice Secretary General of CNIA Gold and Silver Branch, Chief Editor of China Precious Metals magazine, and member of Expert Team of China Development Bank, graduated from Central South University with a bachelor’s degree of Mechanical Metal Working in 1991 and finished her postgraduate study in the Institute of Psychology, Chinese Academy of Sciences majoring in Development and Education Psychology in 2003. Ms. Jin started her career in Antaike in 2001and now is engaged in the analysis, research, and consulting of precious metals (gold, silver, platinum group metals) whole industry chain, and precious metals industry policy. Ms. Jin’s work mainly focuses on precious metals industry strategy research, China precious metals industry development planning & precious metals corporate development strategy research, precious metals production and market analysis, and the follow-up research of key consuming field precious metals consumption. She has taken part in many national and provincial large research and consulting projects, and participated nationwide nonferrous metals industry surveys organized by CNIA and other organizations and made speeches for many times on international industry conferences.



Ma Haitian


Mr. Ma Haitian, senior silicon industry analyst and senior steel industry analyst of Antaike, Vice Chief Editor of China Silicon magazine, and Vice Secretary General of CNIA Silicon Branch, graduated from University of Science and Technology Beijing with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science in 2001. Mr. Ma started his career in Antaike in 2002 (both in Antaike and CNIA Silicon Branch since 2008) and is mainly engaged in the research of whole silicon industry chain and whole steel industry chain. His research covers silicon industry strategy, China silicon industry development planning, silicon enterprise development strategy, silicon production and market analysis, silicon consumption follow-up, and steel industry strategy & market analysis. Mr. Ma took part in many silicon related research projects entrusted by the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and cooperate development strategy, market survey, silicon industry chain and consumption entrusted by domestic and foreign large silicon companies. He has given speeches many times on domestic industry conferences, took part in the compiling of China Silicon Industry, one of series of nonferrous metal books (by China Metallurgy Press) and published research papers in professional nonferrous metals journals.



Ren Weifeng


Mr. Ren Weifeng, principal macroeconomic analyst of Antaike, Chief Editor of China Rare Earth magazine and China Titanium magazine, graduated from Sichuan University with a master’s degree of World Economics in 1996 and a PhD of World Economics in 2008. He started his career in Antaike in 2008 and is mainly engaged in the work of macroeconomic research, industry finance research, nonferrous metals industry data model building and forecasting, and research of titanium industry and rare earth industry. Mr. Ren took part in some key national science and technology projects such as Nonferrous Metals Industry Energy Efficiency Technology Selection and Evaluation, Nonferrous Metals Industry Layout and Regional Environmental Coordinative Development Research, and some national, regional and corporate research projects such as Rare Earth Industry Clean Production Technology Implementation Scheme, Titanium Development Specialty Planning in Shaanxi Province (2011-2015) and Rare Earth Industry Thematic Research in Jiangxi Province. He is in charge of the research of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Prosperity Information System Platform Building and Nonferrous Metals Price Forecast Model Development. He was granted a first level prize and a second level prize of China Nonferrous Metals Science and Technology Advance in 2012 and 2013 and published an academic book named as Global Climate Change, Low Carbon Economy and Environment Finance.



Sun Qian

Mr. Sun Qian, senior magnesium analyst and Head of Magnesium Research Team, a graduate of Northwest University with a bachelor’s degree of environmental engineering, started his career at Antaike in 2000 and is mainly engaged in metal magnesium industry research and industry administration. Mr. Sun also works as vice president and deputy Secretary General of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Magnesium Branch. Up to now, Mr. Sun has ever participated two national level industry planning projects, two provincial industry planning projects, and other 20 projects related to industry administration, technology and market. Mr. Sun was granted one provincial second level reward and one ministerial third level reward.



Xiong Hui

Ms. Xiong Hui, principal aluminum analyst, member of Expert Consulting Committee of Antaike, graduate of Central South University both with master degree and bachelor degree of powder metallurgy, started her career in Antaike in 2001. Ms. Xiong’s expertise field mainly covers aluminum industry strategy research, China domestic aluminum industry development planning, aluminum enterprise’s development strategy research, aluminum production and market analysis, research on aluminum consumption in key downstream sectors. Ms. Xiong participated or independently finished many important research projects entrusted by NDRC, MIIT and large scale aluminum enterprises, including corporate strategy, market research, aluminum industry chain research, research on aluminum consumption in transportation and other main downstream sectors etc. Ms. Xiong was invited for many times to speak on domestic and international industry conferences. She participated the editing of series of books of Transportation Using Aluminum (by China South University Press) and published many research papers on nonferrous metals magazines.



Xu Aidong

Ms. Xu Aidong, principal analyst of Antaike, Secretary General of CNIA Cobalt Branch, Expert of China Development Bank, graduated from University of Science and Technology Beijing with a master degree in 1993 and then started her career at Antaike until now. She has ever engaged in the work of nonferrous metal products quotations, market forecast & information consulting, enterprises and industry development strategy research. From 1999 she has been responsible for the organizing of China International Nickel and Cobalt Conference and other large scale conferences. Ms. Xu took part in some research projects such as Thinking of China Nickel and Cobalt Industry Development in 2000. The research project of Technical Guidance to Nd-Fe -B Permanent Magnetic Materials and Lamp-use Rare Earth Triphosphor Fluorescent Powder Export was rewarded a third prize of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Sciences and Technology Advance. Ms. Xu published research papers on international conferences organized by International Nickel Study Group and Cobalt Development Organization, on USA-China Nickel Outlook Conference, and on Nonferrous metals professional journals.



Yang Changhua


Mr. Yang Changhua, principal copper analyst of Antaike, graduated from Jiangxi University of Science and Technology majoring in Nonferrous Metals Metallurgy in 1994 and then graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics majoring in Finance in 1997. Mr. Yang started his career in Antaike in 1998 and has ever engaged in the work of copper market analysis and forecast, information consulting, copper industry research, copper industry development strategy research, development planning of large scale nonferrous metals enterprises and local government. The projects he took part in are the followings: Henan Province and Inner Mongolia Region Nonferrous Metals Planning Research, copper industry planning research for many cities, research of strategic planning for many large scale copper enterprises. He made speeches for many times on important international conferences and always provides on-site consulting for institution investors.



Yang Xueling


Ms. Yang Xueling, senior antimony analyst of Antaike, graduated from Changchun Geology Institute (now merging into Jilin University) with a bachelor’s degree of Electronic Apparatus & Measurement in 1987. She started her career in Anaike from 1993 and mainly engages in the work of information development & sales, comprehensive business management, enterprise information technology, and market research of antimony and related metals. Ms. Yang has rich comprehensive research experience, especially with expertise of integrating her marketing and sales experience into market research. Main projects that Ms. Yang participated are as following: Research of Reserve Strategy for Rare and Precious Metals, Nonferrous Metals Industry Development Planning Compiling Amendment, Research of Commercial Reserving Strategy of Rare Metals, Hechi city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Ecological Nonferrous Metals Industry Demonstration Base Planning, and Research of the Scheme of Rare Metals Pricing Mechanism and the Trading Platform Building Accelerating etc.