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About Us
Founded in 1992 and listed on new over-the-counter board on Oct 12, 2017, Beijing Antaike Information Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Antaike) is a state-owned joint stock company, which has become a consulting research center, data center, and information center for domestic nonferrous metals industry.

With the mission of “operating information resources of nonferrous metals industry, and promoting harmonious development of nonferrous metals industry”,  relying on the industry position and background of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Information Center, Antaike focuses on the analysis and research of production, consumption, market, management, policy and other aspects of nonferrous metals industry and provides consulting service on global metals industry, engineering, management, safety, and environmental protection, as well as industry exhibition, basic information, e-commerce, enterprise informationization construction and brand promotion etc.

Antaike is an organization approved by the national statistical competent department to engage in foreign-related investigation activities and a third-party evaluation organization of green manufacturing recognized by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, a national high-tech enterprise and Zhongguancun high-tech enterprise, a founding member of China Consulting Association, and one of the first batch of technology consulting credit units certified by Beijing Technology Consulting Association, which has been rated as the advanced group of “Youth Civilization” by China's state organs for many consecutive years, and twice won the honorary title of “Advanced Collective of National Nonferrous Metals Industry”.

Currently Antaike has 126 employees, including 3 doctors and 27 masters.  More than 85% employees have bachelor degree or above. Antaike has a first-class professional and technical ream, with 20 professor senior engineers, 22 senior engineers, and over 80 other professionals, 60% of whom have more than 10 years of experience in metal industry. Antaike’s expert team and its research results enjoy a high reputation and wide influence at home and abroad.

Antaike organizes and plans over 30 industry conferences every year, involving more than 20 varieties, among which China International Aluminum Week, China International Lead & Zinc Week, China International Nickel & Cobalt Conference and other conferences have reached the scale of 1000 people, which has become the most influential industry brand meeting in the world.

Antaike consulting research covers the fields of base metals, precious metals, rare earth, and iron-steel, through long-term follow-up and in-depth research, Antaike has accumulated a large number of industry data and project consulting experience, forming a unique advantage of professional consulting services ability.

In the practice of consulting service, Antaike has gradually formed and strengthened a series of independently developed consulting software, including base metals consumption prediction model of nonferrous metals industry, price risk management model of nonferrous metals enterprises, prosperity index model of nonferrous metals industry, geographic information data sharing and exchange technology, data cleaning and conversion technology of nonferrous metals industry, and industry data indicator selection and model building technology, etc. The company independently developed and completed the project of “Development and Application of Prosperity Index System of Chinese Nonferrous Metals Industry” and won the first prize of industrial science and technology in Chinese nonferrous metals industry issued by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association.

With strong talent advantage, resource advantage and R&D ability, Antaike has been an authoritative information consulting agency in nonferrous metals industry, providing various special consulting services for national ministries, local governments, domestic and foreign institutions, enterprises and public institutions, and industrial parks, etc., including industry development trend analysis, enterprise development strategy research, park or enterprise development planning, project feasibility study, investment project evaluation, industry development report of listed companies, etc.


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