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Antaike Products

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Copper & Copper Fabrication

  Monthly Report



• Supply-Demand Balance: Analysis on the balance of copper concentrate & refined copper and raw Material Structure, Antaike gives professional conclusions on the historical track of copper products.

• Price Trend: Making deep analysis on copper price, SHFE/LME price ratio, price difference between cash and 3-M copper price.

• Copper Supply: Analysis on mine capacity & utilization and smelting/refining capacity & utilization.

• Copper Demand: Analysis on copper fabricated products (wire rod, tube, plate & strip) and demand indicators.

• Import & Export: Analysis on importing destinations and exporting countries.

• Copper Market Outlook: Forecast on refined copper the balance of supply & demand based on Antaike’s field survey and the situation of Chinese macro economy.

• News in Brief: Report real-time information from enterprises and related authorities in time

• Statistics:

Chinese Refined Copper Output by Region in 2014

Chinese Copper Semis Output by Region in 2014

Copper in Concentrate Output

Chinese Imports and Exports of Cu Products in 2014

Copper Price and Stocks on SHFE and LME

Output of Major Copper-using Products and Investment

Development and Investment of Chinese Real Estates

Copper Scrap Price on Chinese Spot Market in 2014

Quotation of Refined Copper by Producers & Traders

  Alumina & Aluminum Monthly


• Highlights: Keep track of hot spots happened in Aluminum industry

• Aluminum Market Review: Analysis on price, consumption, capacity & output, imports & exports; fully understand fundamentals

 • Aluminum Industry News: Report real-time information from enterprises and related authorities in time

• Statistics

Chinese Refined Aluminum Output by Region

Chinese Imports and Exports of Al Products

Aluminum Price on Chinese spot market

Aluminum Price on SHFE

  Aluminum Fabrication Monthly 


• Highlights: Keep tracking of hot spots happened in Aluminum fabrication industry

• Aluminum Fabrication Market Review

Analysis on supply and demand of Aluminum fabricated products

Analysis on end-using sectors and influences on Aluminum consumption, such as power industry, ACR, Autos, Building & Construction, Electronics

• Aluminum Industry News

• Statistics

Chinese Aluminum Semis Output by Region

Chinese Imports and Exports of Aluminum Semis

Chinese Imports and Exports of Aluminum end-using products

Aluminum Price on Chinese Spot market

Aluminum Price on SHFE

 Lead & Zinc Monthly  


• Highlights: Hot points on Chinese Lead, Zinc Market

• Market Overview of Lead, Zinc : Including price, production, consumption, import & export, market balance and price forecast; focusing on analysis of domestic market fundamentals

• News in Brief: Latest news concerning policies, up and downstream sectors in domestic lead and zinc market

Policies and Industry News

Miners & Smelters

Downstream News

• Statistics

Lead, Zinc Production by Region in China

Import & Export of Lead, Zinc

• Market Indicator ( Prices on Major Chinese Spot Markets)

Nickel & Stainless Steel Monthly  

• Highlights: Summarize the hottest topics & market events occurred during the month

• Nickel Market Review

Nickel Price Review: Compare the LME nickel price trend and domestic nickel price changes, factors affecting the market, also including nickel pig iron and ore market information

Chinese Nickel Production: Update of domestic nickel/NPI production conditions

Chinese Nickel/Ore Import: Analyze import changes and port stockpiles; provide import volumes by the most concentrated origins.

• Market News: Latest news in domestic nickel and stainless market, esp. project proceedings etc.

• Statistics

Chinese Refined Nickel Output by Region

Chinese Imports & Exports of Ni Products

Chinese Import of Nickel Ores and Concentrates

  Nickel & Stainless Steel Weekly  


• Market Overview (Macro Economy): Selected important macro economy news during the week, which is expected to affect the industry

• Industry News: Latest news from nickel stainless steel sector

• Market Data (Data Sources and Charts included)

Spot Prices of Nickel Products in Changjiang Market

Nickel Prices on LME & SHFE and Price Gap Between the markets in recent two years

Price of Stainless Steel CR Plate in Wuxi Market

Price of Stainless Steel HR Plate in Wuxi Market

Average Price of Nickel Laterite

Changes of Ore Stockpile at Ports

Prices of Nickel Pig Iron

 Precious Metals Monthly


Minor Metals Monthly


China Magnesium Monthly


 China Magnesium Weekly


 Chinese Nickel Quarterly


 Chinese Zinc Quarterly


 Chinese Copper Quarterly


 Chinese Aluminum Quarterly


 Chinese Lead Quarterly



Antaike Market Development Report--Primary Aluminum


Antaike Market Development Report--Ni & Stainless Steel